What is Virtual Pro Staff ?
Virtual Pro Staff, provides professionals capable of performing all your office duties like management, operations tasks, computer programming, monitoring and marketing your company virtually with the help of computers and communications facilities exclusively reserved for you.

We set apart a required number of professional staff to manage your business from our office in India at a cost savings of at least 50% than what you would pay for staff in your real office.


Assistance provided by our Virtual Pro Staff will streamline your business processes, thereby giving you more time for leisure. You will be able to devote your valuable time to more important aspects of your business.
Virtual Pro Staff provides following infrastructure:
  • Administration and accounting
  • Payroll taxes and benefits
  • Bonuses and incentives
  • Human resources
  • Office equipment
  • Computers and basic office software
  • Rent and property taxes
  • Utilities
  • High bandwidth Internet connection
  • Any sundry expenses
  • Dedicated USA Phone number line with unlimited talk time (Optional service)

In essence Global Staffing Resources is a low cost off location staff that you manage as if they were your own employees.

Key Features of Virtual Pro Staff

  • Our Staff becomes your dedicated resource and act as a regular employee of your company
  • Skilled staff located in India will provide professional services.
  • Experienced professionals in their unique fields.
  • Staff will work as per your instructions and according to your business requirements.
  • All the staff is security screened.
  • Established code of ethics requiring reliability, sincerity and due assiduousness.
  • The staff will work from our offices (in India) seamlessly connected to you by state-of-the-art communications technology.
  • Communication between you and the Virtual Pro Staff is accomplished by using email, instant messaging, phone and faxes.
  • Data can be accessed or exchanged using FTP or with VPN access to your servers.
  • You have full control and can keep track of anyone here who is working for you in one way or the other.
Skilled Professionals
Minimum skills that you get in a Virtual Pro Staff are:

Graduates with proficiency in Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Data Entry, Book-keeping, Internet Research and many other activities. Each staff is trained in, Microsoft Word, Excel & PowerPoint.

Based on your specific requirements, we allocate professionals skilled in the those areas (such as Computer programming, Graphic designing and Marketing research skills etc.)
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