The Process
“Steps to hire a Virtual Pro Staff  --   as easy as 1-2-3”

Submit your staffing requirements: Fill up the request form along with details of the skills you need. You can also call our sales person and communicate your requirements. 
We do all the work and appoint a dedicated staff: After carefully  analyzing your requirements, a professionally skilled and  qualified Virtual Pro Staff will be appointed for you.
Staff is ready to work for you: This virtual staff is ready to work for you as per your schedule and instructions.

“Effortless and hassle free hiring”

“Tremendous Cost Savings”

“Quick turnaround”

“No office space and infrastructure required by you”

The client commits to paying the hourly rate per staff member on a full time basis of 45 hours per week and maintaining a staff size that will not drop below an agreed contract staff size through out the contract period. The client takes on all responsibility of managing the staff and workflow.  

If required by client, Virtual Pro Staff can also assign an executive staff as a “Project coordinator”, who will take the full responsibility as to the understanding of the project, training of staff, work flow and deadlines to be met. This project coordinator will supervise and work with the staff and will also be in constant communications with project manager located at the client’s office. Client agrees to commit to a set number of hours per month for the “Project coordinator” services.

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