Frequently Asked Questions

The World of Virtual Staffing at Your Fingertips!

Q. What is Virtual Staffing?

It is an innovative concept where you can hire experienced professionals to work for you as per your business 
     requirements from a remote location without having to buy or rent infrastructure for this staff in your own office.

Q. Why should I hire a Virtual Staff?
The three most important advantages of hiring a virtual staff and not a permanent employee are that you will save more  
     than 50% of your employment costs, you will save time and effort as well as be able to hire expert resources from a
     huge talent pool in India.

Q. How do I hire a Virtual Staff?

Since we provide customizable services, all you need to do is get in touch with our sales representative, fill up the  
     request form with the skill set you want to hire and leave the rest to our experienced staff. We will provide you the best
     staffing resources in the industry.

Q. How do I control the activities of your assigned professional?
You can keep in touch with your virtual staff whenever you want, through toll free telephone, fax, video conferencing,
     instant messenger or email. They will work with you to determine priorities and to ensure that your most important tasks
     are completed first. You will be corresponding directly with a single point of contact at our end who will be responsible
     for overall progress of your work and management of the staff dedicated for you. Such a contact would be a Manager
     or a Director depending upon the strength of the staff working for you.

Q. Can I hire a Virtual Staff on trial basis?
You can utilize the privilege of “Try before you Buy” offer. All of our Virtual Staff members are subjected to a screening
      test to ensure that he/she is the suitable candidate before placement with a client. We will then present you with a short
      listed group of candidates to choose from and for a personal interview.   

Q. What if I don’t like the staff assigned to me? Will you provide a replacement?
If you are not satisfied with the work or the Virtual Staff, we will try to work through the problem. If it's something that
     can't be worked out, we will replace him/her with another suitable candidate for you.

Q. What are the terms and conditions of payment for hiring a virtual staff?
Because each client’s business application needs are unique, the pricing package will be finalized on the basis of a 
     consultation between you and our concerned department. Hourly rates vary depending on the specific staffing needs,
     specialty and the skill set of the person that would be dedicated for you.

Q. Is my information secure?
We follow a systematic approach to managing the confidentiality of the company and client information. We are
     committed to implementing and maintaining a secured physical, technical and personnel environment

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